Sunday, August 28, 2011

Alien Sex

Today's OSP:

The wasp tickled her lips as it pollinated her mouth with the wisdom of insects. She learned to sing with the cicadas, and to politely ask the mosquitoes to not bite her. --(Inspired by the cover of Greg Ruth's art book, “52 Weeks Project.”)

Finished a script for Creepy today. For such a simple concept, I had one hell of a time getting through it. It has more exposition that I'd like and I found myself agonizing over the amount of words, something that only slowed the process down. I had to fall back on writer's advice: Don't worry about getting it right, just get it written. Once I was was able to apply that mantra, it was embarrassing how quickly it was done. You mean I could have done that 3 or 4 days ago and already been in the rewrite process right now? I ain't gonna let that happen again.

I had sent Dark Horse two Creepy pitches. They liked both, but didn't take the one I was hoping they would, but this one's a fun little sci-fi tale, tentatively titled “Beta-Eden.” I think it hearkens back to some of the original Creepy/Eerie sci-fi stuff.  Sci-fi is a bit out of my realm of practice and experience, but I love a challenge.

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