Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brick and mortal...


The old, brick buildings stood helplessly as one of their brothers burned. Grieving window shades were pulled down, and curtains closed their eyes. No sirens wailed to announce imminent rescue. There would be no phoenix from its ashes. Vampires of cold steel and soulless glass will rise in its place and slowly suck the rest of them dry, brick by brick.

There goes the neighborhood.

--(from an image in Spectrum 9, by Matt Dicke)

There wasn't an OSP entry yesterday because beer seemed more important at the time. I work a full time(ish) job that requires I get up a 4:30am, and I'm usually home by 7:30pm. That kind of schedule really doesn't lend itself to writing before or after work. The upside is that I don't always work full weeks, so I can write on days I don't work. Yesterday, I got home hot and sticky and sat down with a beer. And then the wife kindly brought me another beer. Yeah, no writing gonna get done after that. But I have today and tomorrow off, so no excuses.

Time to start the “Beta-Eden” rewrites...

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